Tennis Court
Senna Hills has one Tennis court that is located at the main amenities center and is accessed via coded gates. 
To obtain the code, you must submit the code request form through the Amenity Access Request Form
CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.
Tennis court reservations are not mandatory but if someone does have a reservation then they are to have priority use of the tennis courts.

Reservation System
​The process for getting set up to use the reservation posted online at the NextDoor web page - Please send a private message to Chris.

While you are there, subscribe to the Tennis sub-group.

Once signed up, the scheduling site is: ​

  • Court is available for use from 7:00AM until 9:00PM every day.
  • Members are limited to one reservation per day (1 hour for singles, 1.5 hours for doubles).
  • Reservations can be scheduled up to six days in advance.
  • Please be courteous and cancel your reservation if your plans change and you will not be using the court.
  • 15 minute rule is in effect; if the court is reserved but not being used, it becomes open to first comer after 15 minutes.
  • If the court is not reserved after your reserved session ends, it can continue to be used, without reservation, but must be surrendered to the next reservation holder upon arrival.
  • Please clean up and leave the court in good condition.
  • Please set the light timer to 0 when you leave, if using.
  • Enjoy your tennis!