Quick Links
Travis County Sheriff https://www.tcsheriff.org
In case of an emergency dial 9-1-1 or (512)-482-5860
Non-Emergency Dispatch:  (512) 974-0845, Option 3
Statewide Patrol- 512-848-4746- neighborhood patrol company that monitors the neighborhood every night. If there's a concern after hours, please call the patrol service to return for an additional drive.
Property Management Contact
Goodwin Management
The contact is Carrie Martin at 512-852-7998 or via email @ SENmanager@goodwintx.com
Please use the link http://asen.sites.townsq.io/0 to request various services provided Goodwin Management.  
Submit a service request
Report a deed restriction violation
Request Architectural Approval
Ask an Accounting Question
Sign-up for Auto-Draft (ACH)
     *Any neighborhood issue with the exception of the street lights can go through the property management    
       company.  Call 311 for the street lights.
School/School District
Westlake High Schoolhttps://whs.eanesisd.net
West Ridge Middle Schoolhttps://wrms.eanesisd.net
Barton Creek Elementaryhttps://bce.eanesisd.net
Water/Wastewater- Inframark- 512-246-0498
     *Wastewater averaging months are Dec, Jan, & Feb 
Gas/Propane- Alliant Gas- 24-Hour Emergency Assistance 877-532-5427- http://www.alliantgas.com
Electricity- Austin Energy- 512-494-9400- https://austinenergy.com/ae/
Garbage/Trash Services- Waste Management- 512-593-6769- https://www.wm.com/us/en/myhome
     *Trash service for Senna Hills is included in the monthly HOA dues payment.
     *Trash & Recycling are both picked up on Friday
     *Bulk pickup happens on Friday. Recently a call has not been required to schedule..
     *For repair or replacement of trash bins, contact the number above.
Other Information
Mailboxes - Replacement parts for both the old and new sections are available from http://www.melnorthey.com/items.asp?cc=3. On that page you will find a catalog and email link to send photos for ordering parts. For the new houses the builder uses AAA Mailboxes in Hutto,Tx 512-451-6269, but they don't stock the hinges. The direct supplier is Special Lite 1-800-365-0511 and our mailbox type is SCT-1010. Ask for a hinge replacement, $15 plus shipping. This information was accurate as of Summer 2015.  Any updates, please let us know!